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Stream support in Perforce client components

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Which Perforce products already (or will soon) support Streams functionality, and which products do not and will not support Streams?
Here is a list of 2011.1 client components and the stream support that they provide.

Full Streams Support

Perforce Command-Line Client (P4):

  • Create stream depots
  • Delete stream depots

Perforce Administration Tool (P4Admin):

  • Create stream depots
  • Delete stream depots

Perforce Visual Client (P4V)

  • Create stream objects
  • Edit stream objects
  • List stream objects
  • Graph stream objects
  • Create stream workspaces

Derived APIs


Minimum Streams Support

  • Perforce Windows Explorer Integration (P4EXP)
  • Perforce Plug-in for Graphical Tools (P4GT) 
  • Perforce SCC Plug-in (P4SCC)
  • Perforce Thumbnail Generator (P4Thumb)
  • P4VS  (also allows creation of stream workspace)

These products turn on the stream protocol, which allows users to submit files to a stream depot.  They do not support the creation of stream objects nor show them in the GUI (other than a depot tree).


Future Streams Support Planned

Perforce Java API (P4Java)

  • Will support Perforce Server 2011.1 in Q1 2012


Perforce Plug-in for Eclipse (P4Eclipse)

  • Extent of stream support to be decided in 2012

No Streams Support Planned

  • Perforce Web Client (P4Web) 
  • Perforce Windows Client (P4Win)
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