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Slow Sync Performance on Windows

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Syncing is very slow on Windows on systems with the Kaspersky Anti-Virus utility installed.

Users experience unusually long delays when trying to refresh Perforce when using the "Getting the Latest Revision" flag.


If the Windows system has Kaspersky AV installed confirm that the NDIS filter is deactivated:

  1. Go to the properties of your network connection, (right click on Network Neighborhood... Properties).
  2. Go to properties of the network connection.
  3. On the General Tab there should be a list of items that the network connection will use including:
    • Client for Microsoft Networks,
    • File and Print Sharing and
    • TCP/IP ... among others.
  4. Deselect the "Kaspersky Anti-Virus NDIS Filter" item.
Note: This will momentarily disconnect the Windows OS from the network so only perform this action when appropriate.

    For more information please refer to this Kaspersky FAQ article:

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