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Re-initializing P4DTI/Bugzilla

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How do I reinitialize the P4DTI Bugzilla integration?


To reinitialize the P4DTI Bugzilla integration:

mysql -u root bugs
mysql> drop table p4dti_bugs;
mysql> drop table p4dti_bugs_activity;
mysql> drop table p4dti_changelists;
mysql> drop table p4dti_filespecs;
mysql> drop table p4dti_fixes;
mysql> drop table p4dti_replications;
mysql> \q
p4 job -o your_jobnum > jobnum.out 

These jobs can be re-added manually after running

p4 counter -d P4DTI-replicator0
p4 counter -d logger
p4 counter -f job 0
  1. Delete all P4DTI mysql tables except "p4dti_bugzilla_parameters" and "p4dti_config"
  2. If there are jobs in Perforce, save them off individually:
  3. Update the following Perforce counters:
Note: you must be a Perforce superuser to update the "job" counter.
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