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P4Web Crashes On Login

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I set the P4Web client up in authenticated browser (-B) or multi-user (-M) mode, but I cannot get past the login screen. I enter in the correct username and password, but I am returned to the P4Web login page.


Like other Perforce clients, such as P4 and P4V, P4Web writes a ticket to a file upon a successful login. If you are setting P4Web up on a Unix based server, you might have created a user to run P4Web without a home directory. While this can be more secure, it also prevents P4Web from writing the ticket file to the default location-- the home directory associated with the P4Web user.

To fix this problem, set the P4TICKETS environment variable to a writable directory for the user launching P4Web.

For example:


  1. Create a new directory:
    mkdir /p4web
  2. Set the permissions to make this directory writable:
    chmod 666 /p4web
  3. Set P4TICKETS to this new location:
    export P4TICKETS=/p4web/_tickets
Note: Check the documentation for the shell you are using to determine how to set the environment values. The above example works with the bash shell.


If using multi-user mode (the -M flag), confirm that all workspaces to be used for P4Web are set to work with a writable workspace root. Use the -r flag to prevent clients from working outside of this directory. For example, to allow only workspaces with roots under the directory "/web_ws", add the following line to the P4Web startup flags:

-r /web_ws

For more information on using the -r flag with P4Web, please see KB article #965: P4Web and the -r Flag on Windows.

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