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P4DTI Raises MySQL Exception

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What should I do when I receive the following error:
(P4DTI-891X)  Error (_mysql_exceptions.OperationalError): (1030, 'Got error 134 from table handler')


This is an internal error from MySQL indicating a database corruption. As this relates to the "p4dti_replications" table, try deleting unwanted lines (usually those which end =0), dumping the table to a file and restoring it; or as a last resort try dropping the table altogether.

Suggestions for correcting problems with the "p4dti_replications" table are discussed in more detail below.

Important: Stop P4DTI before attempting any of the following solutions.

  • Delete old rows from the table:
    mysql> delete from p4dti_replications where end = 0;
  • If the previous solution does not resolve the issue, write the table out to a text file, and then reconstruct it from that file:
    $ mysqldump -u bugs bugs p4dti_replications > p4dti_replications.bak
    $ mysql -u bugs bugs -e "drop table p4dti_replications;"
    $ mysql -u bugs bugs < p4dti_replications.bak
  • If neither of the previous solutions resolve the issue, drop the table and let P4DTI build a fresh one. The first poll after you drop the table takes much longer than usual.
    $ mysql -u bugs bugs -e "drop table p4dti_replications;"
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