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P4DTG replication startup fails with "Incompatible unicode servers ..."

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The Perforce Defect Tracking Gateway fails to start replication, typically with the included JIRA plug-in.  The P4DTG error message is:

UTF-8 support check
Incompatible unicode servers - only 1 supports 
using UTF-8

Within the P4DTG context, a Defect Tracking source is usually a unicode based server.  For example, JIRA always uses UTF-8 encoding. If your Perforce server is not running in unicode mode, you can configure your Perforce server source in P4DTG to translate from a given character set to the UTF-8 that the defect tracker requires.

To configure a non-unicode Perforce server to work with a unicode defect tracking source:

  1. Open the Perforce DTG Configuration Editor.
  2. Select the Perforce Server Sources tab.
  3. Select the (non-unicode) Perforce server and click the "Edit" button. The configuration window for the Perforce server is displayed.
  4. Click the "Edit Attributes" button. The "Edit Data Source Attributes" window is displayed.
  5. There are two attributes that need to be set:
    • Non-unicode character set: character-set

    Note: The character set must be set to something other than none. Supported character sets for your release are listed by clicking the "?" button.  Pick the character set that best represents your user base.

    • Replace missing character set mappings: y

    With "y", if a character can not be directly mapped to UTF-8, it will be replaced by a "?" character. If "n", the gateway will generate an error when non translatable characters are found and replication will stop.

    User-added image
  6. Click "OK" to close the "Edit Data Source Attributes" window. When prompted to check the server connection, click "yes".
  7. Click "OK" to close the "Edit Perforce Server Source" window.
  8. Click "Apply" to save the changes to the server source.

Replication can now be started. 

This feature was added in P4DTG release 2010.2.    If you are upgrading to release 2010.2 you may encounter this for the first time.


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