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How do I increase the P4DTG replication log level?



P4DTG can be configured to log additional details to the replication log file. The defined log levels are:

0: Only log errors

1: Log errors and warnings (default)

2: Log errors, warnings, and some information messages

3: Log everything in great detail

A log level of 3 provides the most detail and is the best choice when debugging issues with replication.

NOTE: A log level of 3 generates a large amount of debugging information which can cause the log file to grow rapidly in size. Use for debugging purposes only and reset the log level back to the default of 1 when debugging is complete.

The log level is configured using the "Edit attributes..." button on the Mapping Editor dialog in the P4DTG Configuration tool. To change the log level, from the P4DTG Configuration tool:
  1. Stop replication (if running).
  2. Select the "Gateway Mappings" tab.
  3. Select the appropriate mapping, then "Edit".
  4. Select "Edit attributes..." in the upper right of the Mapping Editor dialog.
  5. Enter 3 for "Log Level", then "Ok" to save your changes.
  6. Select "Ok" in the Mapping Editor dialog, then "Apply".
  7. Restart replication.
    NOTE: If you don't find the "Edit attributes..." button on the Mapping Editor dialog, you are using an older version of P4DTG and you will need to upgrade to P4DTG 2009.1 or later. You can verify the log level in use by looking for a line like the following at the beginning of the replication log:
    2009/11/03 18:34:15 UTC: Map Attr: log_level=3
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