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Formless Command Line Client Creation on Windows

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How do I create clients on the Windows command line without using sed or editing form data?


When creating a new client, the only pieces of information that are required are the name of the client and its root. The name is given upon invocation, but the workspace root normally has to be specified in the creation form or automatically generated by sed. However, you can take advantage of the fact that the workspace root is set, by default, to the directory where the client creation takes place.

If you are creating a client specification called "testme" and you want its root to be "D:\testme_root", you do the following:

  1. Change to the proper directory.

    cd D:\testme_root

Note: This method creates a client specification with the default client view mappings for the user.

  • Run the p4 client command using standard input and output.

    D:\testme_root>p4 client -o testme | p4 client -i
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