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File(s) in use by another process

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What causes the "File(s) already in use by another process" error?


This error will generally occur when trying to access a Server archive file while that archive file is being accessed by another process on the Perforce Server machine. Anti-Virus and Backup software are common culprits for this error.

Anti-Virus Software

The error is often caused by anti-virus software on the machine scanning the archive file, blocking the Perforce Server from accessing it. Configure the anti-virus software not to scan the P4ROOT directory and any of it's subdirectories. If the archives are mapped to a directory not under the P4ROOT, these will need to be excluded as well.

See Common Perforce Server Problems on Windows for more information.

Backup Software

Running a Backup whilst the Perforce Server is running can also produce this error.  Running the backup at a quiet time or when the server is stopped will prevent this error from occurring.

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