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Enabling External Editors in P4V

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My external editor does not come up in Unix or Linux using "Open With..." in P4V.

P4V pops up a "Launch error" dialog saying "Could not start 'script'" when invoking the external editor using a shell script.


Editors such as vi and emacs require a script to start on Linux and Unix:

  1. To enable launching an editor from P4V, first find its location by running the "which" command:
    which emacs
  2. If the editor is GUI based, you create a simple two line script.

    Note: P4V version 2007.3 and later requires a shell script header in your shell script.

    For example, this shell script with the "bangpath" header line works:
    But a shell script without the header line displays a "Could not start..." error when you attempt to use it from P4V:
  3. If the editor requires a terminal window, such as vi, you must run a command to bring up a terminal first.

    Create a script similar to:
    /usr/bin/xterm -fn 10x20 -fg green -bg black -e /bin/vi $1
  4. Confirm that the script works from the command line:
    chmod +x script
    ./script filename
When you have successfully tested your script, you can use it to set the editor application in P4V:
  • Right-click on the text file and choose Open With -> Choose Application.... The "Open File With" dialog is displayed.
  • Click the Browse button and navigate to the location of the script.
  • Select the script and click the Choose button.
  • To always open files of this type with your shell script, select "Always use the selected application to open files of this type".
  • Save the editor option by clicking the OK button.
You can now open files in an external editor from P4V.
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