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Configuring Zeroconf for a Perforce Server Running as a Windows Service

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How do I configure a Perforce Server running as a Windows service to support Zeroconf?



Zeroconf can be enabled by setting the P4ZEROCONF registry variable. Alternately, Zeroconf can be enabled by passing a command line flag to the executable on service startup.


Setting Zeroconf Registry Variables

To set the Zeroconf registry variables, use p4 set -S:

p4 set -S <servicename> <variable>=<value>

After setting the variables, restart the server to have it begin offering Zeroconf.

The following three variables can be set:


(Required) If set, p4d attempts to advertise itself as a zeroconf service upon startup. The value used to set it can be anything - 'true' is recommended.


(Optional) In a zeroconf environment, the unique, identifiable name for a Perforce server. Although not required, it is highly recommended that this name be set.


(Optional) In a zeroconf environment, a comment describing a Perforce server.


p4 set -S Perforce P4ZEROCONF=true
p4 set -S Perforce P4NAME=MyPerforceServer
p4 set -S Perforce P4DESCRIPTION="Connect here for SCM goodness"

Setting Command-line Arguments in the Service

As an alternative to using registry variables, you can modify the service to start Zeroconf by setting startup arguments.

Note: When using this method the settings are not persistent. They are used only once and then the default settings are restored.

To set Zeroconf settings using command-line arguments:

  1. Open the Services dialog (Select Start | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services).
  2. Double-click the Perforce service to open the service dialog.
  3. Stop the service.
  4. In the field marked "Start Parameters" use the following flags:
    • -0 Start Zeroconf. Note that this is a zero, not an 'O'. (required)
    • -In <name> Define the Zeroconf name.
    • -Id <description> Define the description.
For Example:
-0 -In "MyPerforce" -Id "This is my Perforce server"

       5. Restart the server to have it start broadcasting Zeroconf.
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