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Upgrade SDP server

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How do you upgrade a Linux SDP server to Perforce 2013.3 and beyond?
SDP users must use the proper upgrade patch.  Make sure you use the patch intended for servers past 2013.3.
  1. Download p4 and p4d to an independent directory.
  2. Log into the Perforce server as the Unix user that runs Perforce.
  3. Make p4d and p4 executable (on server)
    chmod 755 p4
    chmod 755 p4d
  4. Schedule downtime.
  5. Sanity check
    Run commands that can be compared  after the upgrade.
    p4 changes –t –m 5  
  6. Downtime
    Email to remind users of maintenance window.  Stop Perforce.
/etc/init.d/p4_1_init stop
  1. Copy off db.* files for safekeeping.
    This is your fallback.  If there are problems, you can always move these files back.
For example:
mkdir /tmp/p4
cp /p4/1/root/db.*  /tmp/p4
cp –r /p4/1/root/server.locks  /tmp/p4
cp /p4/1/logs/log  /tmp/p4
cp /p4/1/logs/journal  /tmp/p4
  1. Run  the script to take a final checkpoint before the upgrade.
/p4/common/bin/p4master_run 1 /p4/common/bin/
  1. As Unix user root, stop the Perforce sever
  2. As the Perforce Unix user, go to the P4ROOT directory
    Note: may have to change to root user to copy files 
  3. Rename current p4 and p4d files
    For example:
    cp p4d p4d_2014.1.8777277
    cp p4 p4_2014.1.8777277
  4. Copy in the new p4 and p4d and check p4d version
cp p4d  /p4/common/bin
cp p4 /p4/common/bin
./p4d –V
  1. Start Perforce
    Note: The upgrade script requires Perforce to be running.
  2. Run the script
  • replays checkpoint to offline db using new p4d binary
  • stops the perforce server
  • creates the new symbolic links
  • truncates the journal and replays to offline db
  • moves offline db files to root
/p4/common/bin/p4master_run 1 -c /p4/common/bin/
  1. Go  to /p4/1/logs and tail the upgrade.log
For example:  
  1. Sanity check
p4 info
p4 changes –t –m 5
(check the server version and see if dates and changelist numbers are consistent)
  1. Notify users to start using Perforce
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