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Adding non-parent files to a task stream

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Files added to a task stream that did not originate from the parent cannot be copied up.

If files are added to a task stream that did not originate from the parent, there will be no green arrows indicating that these files need to be copied up.  Attempting a "Copy to" will show no files to be integrated.
Task streams are lightweight branches that are intended to be deleted or unloaded after use as explained in the Perforce User's Guide.  Task stream are lightweight, meaning less information is propagated such as promotion information on added files. 

Alternative 1:  Change Task Stream into a Development Stream

If a stream is expected to be around for longer than a temporary use, it should be converted to a normal development stream.  Note this is a one-time operation, so a converted task stream cannot be changed into a task stream.
  1. Take a checkpoint and backup the versioned files
This is just a precaution to preserve the original state if it is needed later.
  1. Work in the Task Stream
In P4V, run View, Streams, and right-click the task stream, Work in this Stream
  1. Edit the Task Stream
In the P4V Stream graph, choose Edit Stream 'task stream'
  1. Change Stream type from task to development
Click the dropdown under Stream type and choose "development - used for long term projects and major new features", OK
  1. Answer OK to the warning message
Note the message, "Are you sure you want to convert this 'task' stream to another
type? This action cannot be undone. Streams cannot be converted back to 'task'.

Click OK

The stream will now be converted from a task stream to a development stream.
  1. Remain in the client and update the dashboard
Click View, Dashboard, Update now
Note that the green arrow returns indicating the need for a copy up
Note "Copy to stream" message
  1. Get the latest revisions on this converted development stream
  1. Click the "Copy to stream" message in the dashboard
A prompt appears stating "You must switch your workspace to in order to copy to stream <stream name>".  Choose Select Workspace.
  1. In the Copy dialog box, click Preview to view the newly added files.  Click Copy to copy up the added files.

Alternative 2: Open Files for Edit

  1. Select the Task Stream

    From P4V, View, Streams, select the stream and right-click Work in this Stream.

  2. Get the latest revisions
  1. Open for edit all files in the task stream
  1. Copy up
Although there will not be an indicator in the stream graph, you can still right-click "Copy to".  The added files will be visible when you Preview the files.
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