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Service User Login Tickets

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A Perforce edge or replica server requires a service user account with a valid login ticket to successfully replicate metadata and archive files. Messages in server logs pertaining to password invalid or unset messages relating to the service user:

Commit/Master server log:

2014/06/03 10:21:25 pid 6432 service@unknown
[p4d/2014.1/DARWIN90X86_64/821990] 'rmt-Journal'
--- failed authentication check

Edge/Replica log:

2015/06/10 10:59:55 pid 6385 service@1666 background 'pull -i 1'
Perforce password (P4PASSWD) invalid or unset.

2015/06/10 10:57:15 pid 2329 service@1666 background 'pull -i 1'
Replica access to P4TARGET server failed.
Remote server refused request. Please verify that service user
is correctly logged in to remote server, then retry.

or p4 pull -lj command errors with password invalid or unset messages:

p4 pull -lj
Perforce password (P4PASSWD) invalid or unset.
Perforce password (P4PASSWD) invalid or unset.
Current replica journal state is: Journal 40, Sequence 458192.
Current master journal state is: Journal 40, Sequence -1.
The statefile was last modified at: 2014/06/03 10:20:47.
The replica server time is currently: 2014/06/03 10:21:25 -0700 PDT

indicate issues with the service user login ticket. 


To create a valid service user login ticket, from the edge/replica host machine, run the following:

p4 -E P4TICKETS=p4ticketsFile -u serviceUser -p P4TARGET login

where p4ticketsFile is the location where the edge/replica server is configured to locate the service user tickets file, serviceUser is the configured service user name, and P4TARGET is configured P4TARGET value for this edge/replica. For example if p4 configure show against the edge/replica shows the following settings:


the following command will create the service user login ticket in the correct location:

p4 -E P4TICKETS=/p4/1/.p4tickets -u service -p perforce:1666 login

Note, the P4PORT value specified with the -p flag must exactly match the P4TARGET setting for this edge/replica. You can validate the login ticket by adding the -s option to the login command:

p4 -E P4TICKETS=/p4/1/.p4tickets -u service -p perforce:1666 login -s
User service ticket expires in 198200 hours 10 minutes.

Best practice is to explicitly set the P4TICKETS location of the service user ticket in the edge/replica configuration to avoid confusion on where the edge/replica locates the service user login ticket. 

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