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Server Performance Benchmarks

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I need to know how well my Helix Server is performing, and how it compares when run with other server configurations..


Helix Servers run on many different hardware platforms, including some of the best available. As a Helix administrator, you may want to make comparisons between different server hardware, OS and configurations to find the best performing configuration for Helix?

To help address this, our Performance Lab has designed a set of benchmarks to measure the performance of critical Perforce operations. Synthetic benchmarking tools, such as bonnie(++) and SPEC, can be useful for isolating the performance of specific subsystems. However, the best way to assess how a particular configuration will perform while running Helix, is to actually test it with Helix.


How to Benchmark Your Server 

  1. To get started, you need to download the appropriate reference dataset for your version of Helix. The reference datasets ensure that all tests are run against equivalent data. By using a reference dataset your performance observations can be compared to other results. The reference01 metadata requires approximately 40GB of disk space.
  2. Once you have acquired a reference dataset, you will need to download and run one or more of the benchmark scripts. Each benchmark has it's own set of instructions. Consult the individual links below to download the necessary scripts and documentation.
    • "BranchSubmit" Benchmark [Download] [View Documentation]
      The BranchSubmit Benchmark measures, among other things, the rate at which the Perforce Server can commit files to the Perforce metadata. This is an important operation to optimize. Enforcing changelist atomicity requires that the Perforce Server take exclusive locks on various tables while files are committed. Optimizing this operation will improve overall responsiveness of the Perforce Server.
    • "Browse" Benchmark [Download] [View Documentation]
      The Browse Benchmark provides a method to evaluate the CPU performance and network utilization of your P4D server under variable load conditions.
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