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Mapping Multiple Redmine Projects

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I have many Redmine Projects.  How do I map multiple Redmine projects with P4DTG?
P4DTG maps a single defect source/segment to a Perforce source/segment.  A Redmine Defect Tracking source can handle one one project.  

The steps to map a Redmine Source containing multiple projects to a single Perforce server is:
  1. create a Redmine source for each Redmine project
  2. alter the Perforce jobspec, creating a field to hold the Redmine project
  3. create a Perforce server source
  4. segment the Perforce Server source, one segment for each project
  5. map each Redmine source to a Perforce source segment

Create a Redmine source for each Redmine Project

Create the Redmine sources, selecting a different project for each source.  All details are the same for the sources
except for the project.

Sample showing three Redmine source for projects dtg, ts, and support. 

Alter the Perforce Jobspec

Add a field of type select with values listing each redmine project.   This field is added to allow segmenting of the Perforce source on the project. 

Sample showing a new field named RedmineProject for projects dtg, ts, and support:

Create the Perforce Source

For this example, only one Perforce Source is necessary.  There is nothing special about the Perforce source in regards to Redmine.  

If your Perforce server is not unicode, you must enter a "Non-Unicode server character set" by clicking "Edit Attributes...".  If you don't, you'll see the error in P4DTG replication startup fails with "Incompatible unicode servers ...".  That KB article also provides additional detail on setting the character set.

Segment the Perforce Source

In this step we segment the Perforce Source, creating on segment for each redmine project.  When editing the source, click the "edit segments" button.  Now select the newly added jobspec field (RedmineProject) for segmenting.  Use the New button to create segments and select one option to include.  The list of options comes from the values in the Perforce jobspec.  Repeat, creating a new segment  for each value.

Example should the segment for project 'ts':


Map the Projects

You will map each Redmine defect tracking source to one Perforce source segment.

To make the mapping work with your segments, select the Redmine "DTGConfig-Project" value and "Copy To" your new jobspec field (RedmineProject).       Map other fields as you desire.


We suggest you "Edit Attributes..." and set logging level to 3.  This log's addtional output will be useful when troubleshooting problems.


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