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Swarm: Installing a New License File

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I received a new license file for Swarm, but I'm not sure how to install it.
If you need a new license file, contact our Sales team.

The particulars of Swarm licensing and the process for installing a new license file are both described clearly in the Swarm documentation section on licenses. Nearly all of your license-related questions should be answered there.

Continue here for the basic information on how to install your new Swarm license file.

A Swarm license is a text file called swarm-license, which you should have received from Perforce Software's Sales team. When you put the swarm-license file in the correct location, Swarm automatically and immediately detects that the swarm-license file has been installed. You may receive a file from Sales which is not called swarm-license, if so, rename it to swarm-license before installing it.

Your swarm-license file can be installed at any time. There is no need to stop or restart anything before, during, or after installing your swarm-license file.

To install your new Swarm license:
  1. Within your Swarm installation, locate the directory called data (for example my_swarm_instance/data). if you installed the OVA version of swarm the data directory will be /opt/swarm/data.
  2. Transfer the license file to the server where swarm is running.
  3. Move or copy swarm-license to the data directory. For example (using  *nix or Linux):
$ cp ./swarm-license my_swarm_instance/data/

To confirm that your Swarm license has been updated:
  1. Go to Swarm (in your web browser)
  2. Click on your username (in the upper right-hand corner of screen)
  3. Choose 'About Swarm'
Your license information should be clearly displayed in the window that pops open. For example, you should see something like:
License: 27 of 1000 users

Licensed Perforce Server:

Note: Each Swarm user must also have a valid license for the P4D instance your Swarm instance points to. So in some cases, you may also required to update your P4D license. If so, the article on P4D: Installing A New License File will guide you through the process.
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