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Opened Files Missing in Default Changelist

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With server version 2007.1 or earlier, the default pending changelist is empty when files have been checked out.

The p4 opened -a shows no files opened in a client workspace, but the workspace cannot be deleted.

If a default changelist is empty when it should not be, or if the default changelist briefly shows files and then disappears, the likely source is a bug in Perforce that has since been fixed. This bug is usually seen by entering the command:
p4 opened -a

This output shows files associated with client clientname. However, entering the command:
p4 opened

p4 opened -C clientname

File(s) not opened on this client.

This was an issue addressed in server version 2007.2 and later. From the P4D Release Notes:
  #136614 **
        In certain cases inconsistent results depending on depot
        path could be observed for some commands.  Typically when
        this happened an unrestricted 'p4 sync' would bring back
        correct behavior.  This problem only occurred when a file
        that had been previously synced was no longer mapped by the
        current client view and the client path name had a '.' in
        a significant position of its path.  This has been fixed
        (Bug #24943, #26541).

While fixed in current server revisions, this will only prevent future occurrences. To fix a current client workspace exhibiting this issue, force an update of the "have-map" of the client.

Fixing one client workspace 
  1. Edit the client workspace.
  2. Modify the client view with a bogus line under "View" -- For example, for the client "client_name":
    //depot/bogusname/... //client_name/bogusname/...
  3. Save the client workspace.
Note: At this point the issue is fixed. You can confirm this by checking the p4 opened output again.
  1. Edit the client workspace.
  2. Remove the bogus view line.
  3. Save the client workspace again.

In P4V, go to View, Workspaces, double-click the workspace, Edit, then add in:

     //depot/bogus/...  //clientworkspace/bogus/...

Save this client workspace. Remove this View line you just added and re-save the client workspace. This should fix the problem for this client workspace.

Fixing all client workspaces

To fix all client workspaces, use the "p4d -xU BuildHaveMaps" command to rebuild have-maps on the Perforce server during off-hours.
  1. Stop the Perforce server
  2. p4d -r server_root -xU BuildHaveMaps
  3. Restart the server
Note: If you continue to have issues with files opened against a client workspace after re-building the have-map, contact Perforce Support.
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