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Client can only be used from host

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After getting a new PC, I am getting the following error when running commands:

Client 'workspace1' can only be used from host 'pc1'

How can I fix this error?



The "Host:" field of the client workspace specification is optional: it can be changed to the new hostname or even removed. Please be aware that by default, a client workspace specification is tied to a client host.  While it is okay to not use the Host: field, sharing a client workspace across client hosts, or between users, is not recommended.

To find the proper hostname, run

p4 info

and look for the line, "Client host:".

The Host field can be changed by running the p4 client command from the command line.  You can also use P4V; the Workspace field in the Open Connection dialogue is optional, and you can go to View->Workspaces, edit the workspace in question, and enter the client host seen from p4 info.

Host:  hostname

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