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Translating Server Messages to Another Language

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Customer needs to translate their Server's messages to their local language.
The primary source for information on localizing Server error messages is the Perforce System Administrator's Guide, specifically the section on Configuring the Server for Unicode.

Below are some more specific instructions for translating the db.message messages from English into another language, using Japanese language as an example.

It is required that the customer's server must be configured to run in in internationalization mode, which is well explained in the KB article on Internationalization and Localization.

Here is what the customer needs to do in order to set the Perforce Server so that it will send users the customized/localized messages (using Japanese language as an example):
1.  Request the file english.txt from Perforce Technical Support

2.  Copy english.txt to a new file, japanese.txt

3.  Using an editor that can handle Shift_JIS, edit japanese.txt, changing @en@ to @jp@

4.  Using a converter such as iconv (which is included in most Unix-like OSs), ensure your encoding is supported:
$ iconv -l

5. Convert japanese.txt to a Unicode file named japanese.utf8:
$ iconv -f SHIFT-JIS -t UTF-8 japanese.txt > japanese.utf8

6.  Invoke p4d with the -jr (journal-restore) flag, specifying japanese.utf8:
$ p4d -jr japanese.utf8

7.  Restart the server:
$ p4 admin restart

8.  Set P4LANGUAGE to Japanese:

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