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Windows Monitoring (Perfmon)

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How do I monitor the performance of my Perforce Service on Windows? 
How do I monitor Windows system performance generally?
A program called Perfmon can be used on Windows to monitor the performance of the Perforce server and other programs.

To start Perfmon, from the Run menu, type perfmon.

Select System Monitor on the left-hand pane, then on the right-hand pane right-click and add the following counters:
  1. Under processor object record:

    • % processor time
    • % user time
    • % privileged time
  2. Under system object record:

    • system calls per second
    • file control operations per second
    • file read operations per second
    • file write operations per second

Note: If you are attempting to debug an active performance problem, then all instances of the server threads should to be logged. Normally, it is difficult to monitor threads, because they are created and then complete their work quickly (one for each client command). Only if many threads are blocked (and therefore running for an extended period) will you be able to monitor the Perforce threads.

  1. Under thread object record:

    • % processor time
    • % user time
    • % privileged time
    • id thread

The Perfmon output should be directed to a log file. You can do so by right-clicking on the Perfmon logging pane and selecting Save As...

For additional information and on performance monitoring, please refer to the presentation Return from the Swamp.

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