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Can Perforce Proxy Function as a Remote Depot?

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Perforce Proxy cannot function as a remote depot, or be used to speed up the link between one Perforce Server and another by proxying files a from a remote depot.
The remote depot protocol is different from the normal Perforce client/server protocol. Perforce Proxy uses the same protocol as Perforce Server.  The proxy protocol is incompatible with the remote depot protocol. It cannot be inserted in the network link between a local and remote depot. Perforce Proxy can be used to connect to a Perforce Server that contains remote depots, but cannot connect directly to a remote depot, or be configured to serve as a remote depot.

Using a Perforce Server release prior to 2006.2 and attempting to connect to a remote depot using a proxy will result in the proxy logging the error, "can not proxy for remote depots." Perforce Server also will log an error about being unable to access the remote depot.  Perforce clients will similarly display an error.
Between the 2006.2 and 2009.2 Perforce Server releases, a "no server or client" error is issued for this configuration. In any case, a proxy configured to serve a remote depot will not cache files and this configuration is not supported.
Beginning with the 2010.1 Perforce Server release, the following error message will be issued when attempting to proxy remote depots:
"Proxy Does not support cacheing remote server access."

Please consult the Perforce Proxy release notes for the latest details on Perforce Proxy functionality.
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