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Having the Depot on Windows Network Drive

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How do I put the Perforce Depot files on a Windows network drive?


To place a depot on a network drive, create the network share and create at least one writable subfolder. Then change the "Map:" parameter in the depot specification. For example, to configure the default depot to run on a network drive, type:

p4 depot depot
     Map: \\quick\SharedFolder\subfolder/depot/...

You need to replace the path "\\quick\SharedFolder\subfolder" with the appropriate URL and replace "depot" with the depot name.

In the following example, depot2 is mapped to a network drive using an IP address for a server name:

Map: \\\SharedDocs\shareme\quack/depot2/...


A common error states that "mkdir" failed when you attempt to submit files to the depot:

C:\clientdir> p4 submit
Change 7 created with 1 open file(s).
Submitting change 7.
Locking 1 files ...
add //depot2/yoohoo.txt#1
Date 2006/01/17 17:37:10:
Operation: dm-SubmitFile
Operation 'mkdir' failed.
Librarian checkin \\quack\myshare\depot2/yoohoo.txt failed.
can't make directory for \\quack\myshare\depot2/yoohoo.txt,v
mkdir: \\: The filename, directory name, or volume 
label syntax is incorrect.

If you see this message, check that the directories involved have been created and are writable by Perforce. The subdirectories must exist before they can be used for depot storage. You can check for the directories' existence by doing the following:

  1.  Click the Windows "Start" menu. Select "Run...". The "Run Command" dialog window is displayed.
  2. Enter the path of the depot folder. Using the path in the above example, you would enter:

    This should display the directory in an Explorer window. If you get an error starting with "Windows Cannot Find", the path is incorrect.


Putting only the Depot folder on a network drive is significantly different than putting your Perforce Server root (P4ROOT) on the network drive. In the latter case, there can be a significant performance penalty due to network latency in accessing the Perforce database. Perforce does not recommend putting P4ROOT on a Windows share due to performance considerations.

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