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Network Error Messages in the Server Log

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What are the "rpc receive errors, duplexing F/R x/0" message in the Perforce Server log file? Should I be worried about them?


In the 2008.1 server release and later, Perforce introduced a new connection protocol in order to improve performance. From the release notes for the Perforce Server:

Connection protocol

        TCP connections between Perforce processes; clients, proxies
        and servers, now discover network buffering levels and make
        better use of that buffer space.  Performance should be
        improved especially for long proxy to server connections.

The "rpc receive errors, duplexing F/R xxxxxx/0" messages in the server log were introduced as part of this new connection protocol.  It is an indication of the amount of data that is in the network pipe. It is included for debugging purposes, and can be useful in the case of a connection hang.  In most cases this message can be safely ignored.  The F/R xxxxxx/0 error can be easily reproduced by the end user pressing ctrl-C during a p4 sync:

Perforce server info:
        2017/05/03 09:59:42 pid 3058 bruno@gabriel [p4/2016.2/LINUX26X86_64/1468155] 'user-sync -f //...'
Perforce server info:
        2017/05/03 09:59:43 pid 3058 compute end .751s 617+128us 0+144io 0+0net 122476k 0pf
Perforce server info:
        Server network estimates: files added/updated/deleted=0/123703/72030, bytes added/updated=0/8731839480
Perforce server info:
        2017/05/03 09:59:45 pid 3058 completed 2.89s 686+139us 0+1720io 0+0net 122916k 0pf
Perforce server info:
        2017/05/03 09:59:42 pid 3058 bruno@gabriel [p4/2016.2/LINUX26X86_64/1468155] 'user-sync -f //...'
--- rpc msgs/size in+out 10779+34065/0mb+5mb himarks 186692/186692 snd/rcv 2.04s/.000s
--- rpc send receive errors, duplexing F/R 110077/0
--- db.revsx
---   peek count 1 wait+held total/max 0ms+621ms/0ms+621ms
--- db.rev
---   peek count 1 wait+held total/max 0ms+621ms/0ms+621ms

Perforce server error:
        Date 2017/05/03 09:59:45:
        Pid 3058
        Connection from broken.
        TCP send failed.
        write: socket: Connection reset by peer

If you are seeing issues with p4 sync or other client commands stalling or hanging, this additional data in the Perforce log file can become relevant.

See Fixing a hung Perforce server or contact Perforce support if you are experiencing frequent hangs and stalls accompanied by these logged errors.

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