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Multiple Maxresults, Maxscanrows, Maxlocktime and MaxOpenFiles Values

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Which value of MaxResultsMaxScanRowsMaxLockTime or MaxOpenFiles applies to a user who is in more than one group?


The limit that affects a user is the highest MaxResults, MaxScanRows, or MaxLockTime or (for Perforce Helix Server version 2016.1 and later) value of all the groups to which a user belongs.

Prior to release 2008.1, for the purposes of MaxResults, MaxScanRows, and MaxLockTime, a value of 0 or "unlimited" is not a limit. If a user is in a group where either value is set to "unlimited" they are still limited by the highest value of that setting of the other groups to which they belong. User commands are truly unlimited only when they belong to no groups, or when all the groups they belong to have "MaxLimit" set to unlimited.

For Helix Server releases 2008.1 and newer, the "unlimited" value will supersede any numerical value from any of the other groups to which the user belongs.

Any numeric setting overrides the group "unlimited" setting. For example, if user "mike" belongs to the "programmers" group, which has a maxresults setting of 10000, and the "p4admin" group, which has a maxresults setting of "unlimited", his limit is 10000. For this reason we recommend that the settings for all MaxLimits be set to an default high value for a groups that require more resources to complete their typical commands.

For Example:

Group:       superusers
Maxresults:  10000000
Maxscanrows: 20000000
Maxlocktime: 1800000
MaxOpenFiles: 1000000

Determining MaxLimits in effect for a specific user

The following is an example showing how to find out all MaxScanRows values for a given user "bruno":

p4 groups -i bruno
qa admin

p4 groups -v qa
qa 100000 100000 100000 100000 1000

p4 groups -v admin
100000  200000  300000 400000 100

In this example, bruno's MaxScanRows limit would be 200000.

For more information on using any the above MaxLimits, refer to the "Tuning Perforce for Performance" chapter of the Helix Versioning Engine Administrator Guide: Fundamentals and the Maximizing Perforce Performance knowledge base article.

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