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Upgrade Counters

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Beginning with server version 2001.1, the Helix Server determines during start-up if the Helix database requires an upgrade. It does this by examining an upgrade counter. A Helix database upgrade is required whenever running a newer Helix Server executable against a database created with an earlier version of the Helix Server.

The upgrade counter is created when upgrading a server database created with a 2000.2 or earlier server.

A database upgrade occurs automatically when launching a Helix Server using a database with fewer than 1000 changelists. Otherwise, a Helix database upgrade requires running the "p4d -xu" command.

The current value for the upgrade counter can be seen with this command:
p4 counter upgrade

or, simply
p4 counters

See the Helix Schema to view the complete list of upgrades and their associated release.
Note:  An upgrade counter that is set to a value lower than the associated server version can prevent the server from starting. This can happen, for example, when restoring a checkpoint with a more recent version of p4d than that which generated the checkpoint. The remedy is to use the server upgrade command "p4d -xu" to upgrade the Helix database and automatically set the upgrade counter appropriately. See the associated KB article on Upgrading a Helix Server.
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