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Which port should I use for LDAP ?

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An LDAP server has different ports available for connections depending on the type of connection required, encrypted or unencrypted.
Which one should be used for which type of encryption ?
There may be exceptions, but as a general rule the port you should use will be:
  • Port 389 has historically been used for unencrypted connections into an LDAP server.
  • Port 636 is used for legacy SSL connections.
  • Port 389 is used for TLS connections; TLS establishes a non encrypted connection on port 389 that it 'upgrades' to an encrypted TLS connection as the initial connection proceeds.This allows unencrypted and encrypted connections to be setup and handled by this one port.
The Perforce LDAP specification must therefore have the specified 'Port:' field corresponding to the relevant encryption method in the 'Encryption:' ('none', 'ssl' or 'tls') field.
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