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Populating a Perforce user spec from LDAP or AD

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How to automatically obtain user information from LDAP or AD to use in a Perforce user specification as the user is created at login time.
With the 2015.2 and later version of the Helix Server it is possible to use fields available in LDAP/AD to populate the Perforce user spec automatically as a new user logs into Perforce.

The Perforce Server first of all needs to have some configurables set to allow this, as follows:
p4 configure set dm.user.noautocreate=0
p4 configure set auth.ldap.userautocreate=1

The user spec fields that can take advantage of this feature are:

Once you have a working Perforce LDAP spec you can update it by setting the following fields:
  getattrs           (in the 'Options:' field) - must be set to allow attributes to be pulled from the LDAP/AD server for use in Perforce User specs

An example Perforce LDAP spec might contain these additional entries to use the LDAP 'givenName' and 'mail' attributes for the Perforce user spec:
Options: getattrs 
AttributeName: givenName 
AttributeEmail: mail

Multiple LDAP attributes can be combined for a single Perforce attribute like this:
AttributeName: %givenName%%displayName%
  • Note that this information does not dynamically change for each login of the user; it is only retrieved as a new user is created by virtue of their logging into Perforce successfully for the first time.
  • Please note that the option in the LDAP spec for 'AttributeUid:' is not currently used but is part of some future work to better integrate Perforce Users and LDAP/AD.
  • In P4V  autocreation of users won't work as P4V first checks that the user exists before prompting for a pasword. The workaround is to autocreate the user with the p4 command line client. job.  The bug is internal job078442, contact support to see what release the fix is in.
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