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Resolving and preventing case inconsistencies

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We have some case inconsistencies in our Perforce depot. How do I correct any existing inconsistencies?
How do I prevent new case inconsistencies from being introduced?


Fixing Case Inconsistencies

p4migrate can provide you with the means to find and fix any existing inconsistencies in your depot file paths.

This utility is generally used for migrating a Perforce Server from one platform to another. As part of the migration process, fixing case-sensitivity issues is a necessary step, if the platforms involved have different case handling. However,  even if you are not migrating between different platforms, you can still use the tool to find and fix case inconsistencies. Please consult the p4migrate documentation for details.

You can find the p4migrate utility itself in platform-specific subdirectories of the /tools directory on the Perforce FTP site.

Preventing Case Inconsistencies

To prevent new case inconsistencies, you can add a trigger script. Perforce does not provide such a trigger directly, since the customer requirements vary slightly from instance to instance. However, there are several examples of such triggers available in the Perforce Workshop.

For example, there is well-developed P4Python based triggers for case consistency checking in Sven Erik Knop's //guest branch here. To use this particular trigger, you will need to install P4Python and have Sven's script in the same path. You can test the trigger by running the script from the command line first and providing a changelist number argument.

Case consistency triggers have been implemented successfully by numerous Perforce users. If you are looking for guidance on this issue from our user community, consider inquiring on the Perforce forums.

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