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Getting to Know P4VS

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What is P4VS?

P4VS is the Perforce Visual Studio plugin. P4VS allows Perforce users to seamlessly integrate Perforce with Visual Studio .NET. P4VS is a .NET extension, implemented in C# and using the Perforce P4API.NET.

P4VS Replaces P4SCC

P4VS replaces the P4SCC Visual Studio plugin, which is no longer maintained.

If you are currently using P4SCC, we recommend that you move to P4VS. See the P4VS Migration Notes document to make your transition simple and quick.

If you are just beginning to use Perforce with Visual Studio, we highly recommend that you install P4VS rather than P4SCC (now deprecated).

Where to Get P4VS

The P4VS Plug-In for Visual Studio .NET is  available from the Perforce Downloads page. P4VS is available as a p4vs.vsix installer for VS 2010 and 2012 and as p4vs.exe for VS 2008.

Installing P4VS

We highly recommend that you review the P4VS Release Notes and the P4VS User's Guide prior to using P4VS. If you are migrating from P4SCC, you must read our P4VS Migration Notes document.

The P4VS Help becomes available within Visual Studio, immediatelly after P4VS is installed, from under the Help -> P4VS Help menu selection.

Setting Up P4VS

One of the main features of P4VS is that, by default, P4VS does not use Source Control Bindings stored in Visual Studio solution and project files. Instead, Perforce Bindings are now written to a .suo file which never gets checked into Perforce. However, P4VS does offer an option to force Bindings into Solution and Projects. You can find this option in Tools -> Options -> Source Control -> Perforce General. The option is called "Tag solution and project files as controlled by P4VS".

Note: While it is possible to continue using P4SCC and P4VS side by side to manage projects, we strongly recommend that you migrate your projects from P4SCC into P4VS, and uninstall P4SCC to avoid any source control-related conflicts.

Some companies that follow "solution-project(s)-source files" paradigm allow Visual Studio to create the solution file(s), while other companies auto-generate and/or customize solution files. P4VS supports both scenarios as long as the solution file(s) is located in a valid Perforce workspace. P4VS does not support projects without solution (.sln) file(s).  A best practice is to version .sln files.
P4VS is Not NiftyPerforce

There is a third-party Perforce/Visual Studio integration called NiftyPerforce. NiftyPerforce is not produced, distributed, maintained, or supported by Perforce Software Inc. 

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